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Travelling with RVF

Travelling with RVF is remarkably simple: our tickets are valid on buses, trams, suburban and regional trains with all 19 local transport companies (exception: Kurzstrecke). This makes changing during your journey problem-free. All about our options and rules.

Tickets overview

The RVF network area: on the move in the city and beyond

The RVF network area covers the city of Freiburg and the districts of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Emmendingen. Monthly tickets and season tickets are always valid for the whole network area. The last rail stations within the RVF network are Herbolzheim to the north, Auggen to the south, Breisach to the west and Löffingen-Unadingen to the east. From these stations onwards a suitable additional ticket must be purchased, for example a supplementary ticket or badisch24.

Map RVF network

The RVF fare zones: travel through three zones on a single ticket

The RVF fare zones

In the RVF network area there are only three fare zones for single trips: A, B and C determine the fare when purchasing single tickets, the 2x4 trip ticket and PunkteKarte (points ticket) as well as for the REGIO24.

Map RVF fare zones

Price levels

You are charged for each zone that you travel through, which means that you pay for either one, two or three zones. This is what the price levels are based on. A journey across the whole network (three zones) corresponds to price level 3. Of course, you are only charged once per journey for each fare zone even if you travel through the same zone multiple times. The table shows the relationship between fare zone and price level.

JourneyFare zone includedPrice level
within one fare zonewithin A or B or C1
through 2 fare zonesfrom A to B or B to C2
through 3 fare zonesfrom A to C3

Validity periods

Single tickets and multi-trip tickets (2x4 trip tickets and point tickets) are valid from the time of purchase or validation, and the period of validity increases with the price level. This means that you can change during your journey or interrupt your journey without having to buy a new ticket. The validity period of the ticket only applies to travel in one direction. Return travel and detours are not permitted and require a new ticket.

Price levelValid
Price level 11 hour
Price level 22 hours
Price level 33 hours

Fare tip

Getting from A to B is easy with RVF: choose the right ticket with the
fare calculator

Fare information

The DB City-Ticket and DB City mobil ticket are valid for the RVF fare zone A within the city of Freiburg.

More information at a glance

  • Children under 6 years can travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. The child fare applies to children from 6 to 14 years (inclusive). From the day of a child’s 15th birthday they must pay adult fares. There is of course no charge for pushchairs and prams.

  • Bicycles are only permitted on trains operated by DB, BSB and SWEG. Bicycles may not be brought on board trams or buses. Detailed Information

  • Small dogs, cats etc. in a secure container can travel free of charge. This also applies to guide dogs wearing a harness. Larger dogs can travel with a child fare or with their own RegioKarte (not the ticket or season ticket for schoolchildren). REGIO24 and the RegioKarte can be used to travel with dogs instead of children.

  • The increased fare charged for travel without a valid ticket is 60 euros. Further regulations relating to loss, destruction etc. can be found under Without a ticket


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